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Reliable Products That Will Get Rid of Pests in Detroit


Our products are used by professionals in the pest control industry. We carry products to deal with many kinds of pest invasions.

  • Roaches: various liquid insecticides, concentrates and baits
  • Ants and carpenter ants: state-of-the-art baits
  • Rodents (rats and mice): baits, traps and glue traps
  • Wasps and hornets: Apicide dust and aerosols
  • Spider control/pesticides
  • Fleas: pesticides and growth regulators
  • Live animal traps

We carry pest control equipment such as B&G tank sprayers and parts, Birchmire backpack sprayers, industrial fumigators, sting-proof bee gloves and more! We also sell our products wholesale to professional applicators. Shipping is available. Call for details.