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Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Supplies in Detroit


Despite what children’s movies would have you believe, having a rat or a mouse in your home is not cute, nor is it safe. If you suspect your home or business is being invaded by rodents, you need to perform rodent control as soon as possible. In Detroit, you can find the best inventory and most affordable prices on DIY baits and traps at Pest Control Supply Co. When you choose to do it yourself, you save money and time, not to mention ensuring your home is safe. Instead of waiting long hours for an exterminator who might use expensive and unsafe products, simply choose your own method and follow the instructions to place the products where necessary. You’ll know exactly what is used and where, which means your children and pets will be safer.

Safe and Effective Glue Traps

Sometimes people aren’t comfortable using harsh chemicals or dangerous mechanical traps that can catch little fingers or pets’ paws. If you’d prefer something less dangerous for your family, consider using glue traps for your rodent problem. Simply place them in a small box with a lid and cut holes into the side. This allows for mice or rats to enter the trap without exposing it to pets or children. Even if the trap does catch the wrong paws, there is no danger of poison or painful wounds. Simply use some cooking oil, soap and water to remove the trap.

Getting Rid of Rats and Mice

Are you ready to curb your rodent problem for good? To purchase your rodent control products or to learn about DIY roach control products, call Pest Control Supply Co. at 313-898-9104. We serve Warren, Taylor, Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Grosse Pointe, Flint, Detroit and Ann Arbor.